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    23 janvier 2015 ( #spectacle vivant )


    23 juillet 2015

  • La Compagnie la Brebis Egarée

    13 octobre 2019 ( #La Brebis Egarée )

    La Brebis Égarée est une compagnie de cirque contemporain : portés acrobatiques, voltige, danse et cascade burlesque. CONTACT La Brebis Égarée Rue du Barry 12620 SAINT BEAUZELY Email : Site internet :

  • Medias Libres

    13 octobre 2019 ( #Court-métrage - création vidéo )

    Cinéma et créations audio-visuelles

  • The Open

    15 juin 2017 ( #wanderlust, #mama said )

    Chiapas, Mexico...

  • Exil

    01 novembre 2016 ( #Court-métrage - création vidéo )

    Une vie entière en exil, quatre réfugiées politiques racontent leur traversée, fuyant une guerre fratricide espagnole, vers les frontières de la France pendant la Retirada en 1939. Quatre femmes d'exception, accompagnées par les fantômes de l’œuvre artistique...

  • don't go away mad

    01 avril 2019 ( #mama said )

    "don't go away mad", the first confinement clip from mama said. A song about the dicotomy between having a cynical nature and the vital need for other. "don't go away mad" , the first confinement clip from mama said . A song about the dicotomy between...

  • Sorry

    22 janvier 2019 ( #mama said )

    Troisième livraison: avec La Réplique, Mama Said et Garcia Lorca via Jacques Cohen Sorry by Tyza la Replic feat. Mamasaid

  • Semez des Graines

    11 janvier 2019 ( #mama said )

    Aux enfants du confinement. Aux enfants du confinement!

  • Circrise de Chakana

    11 janvier 2017 ( #wanderlust, #La Brebis Egarée )

    Larzac, France

  • Orpha's Lament

    22 avril 2017 ( #wanderlust, #mama said )

    TIllamook, USA

  • Anyway

    17 février 2017 ( #wanderlust, #mama said )

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Mea Culpa

    02 avril 2019

    The second confinement clip from Mama Said, featuring unpublished images from the documentary essay: 'journal d'un photographe' Second confinement clip from Mama Said with footage from the unfinished observational documentary 'a photographers journal...

  • I didn't

    22 avril 2017 ( #wanderlust )

    Costal rainforest, Oregon USA

  • Tell me more

    31 décembre 2018 ( #mama said )

    'Mama said' hits the ground running

  • Bobby got

    21 août 2018 ( #mama said )

    Bobby got, one shot, baby talk freestyle late night solo....

  • Sur le Fil

    19 août 2018 ( #mama said )

    from Dublin to Doolin.... on the wire.... the fifth road clip from wanderlust

  • Roadside Reincarnation

    11 février 2019 ( #mama said )

    Inside out, upside down and backwards

  • spaces

    19 septembre 2018 ( #mama said )

    lost in spaces, between translations

  • Court Circuit 2018

    21 juin 2017

    éco-festival d'art de rue!

  • Where none is

    03 février 2010 ( #ecriture )

    Where none is A sun as intrepid as an uninvited guest bearing blessings and good news burns through morning mist, casting sharpend shadows in the hollow of my hand. An opaque curtain of blinding light refracting in all directions dissipates slowly revealing...


    03 février 2010 ( #ecriture )

    THE ABSENCE OF KNOWING It always starts like this, though there is nothing consistent to be found, except contradiction. It starts with an empty stomach and full heart, things careening in a dizzying expectation born of stifled privilege. The paper open...

  • good night

    03 février 2010 ( #ecriture )

    If little meaning is lent to leaning principles spent on endless days, what praise is worth the words thrown like seeds into fallow fields. The mobs of unspoken absurdities take seriously the only note of dissonance played like harping wanderlust on silent...

  • Ritornelle

    03 février 2010 ( #ecriture )

    Ritornelle Ch1 Old Man I knew the time had come when I heard the old man in his imperfect French speak a series of simple phrases that where to me lightning disguised in banality. In a dirty and obscure café in the 20th arrondisment whose name, like hundreds...

  • bits and peices

    03 février 2010 ( #ecriture )

    ELI He rolled over onto a pillow of sand, warmed by the late morning sun. His eyes squinting closed, he let the young days heat tickle his cheeks and forehead. His back stretched out catlike and a deep sigh of empty simplicity laughed across his shoulders....

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