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wednesday 27 Octobre 2010




We have begun our intercontinental travels on a sunny frozen morning on the Larzac, the pale green fields and our warm little house still full of the weeks adventures and preparations. In my old beat up car we drive 300 kilometers to Marsaille to get my american passport. I have been without valid U.S ID for almost seven years and haven't been back for even longer. Mathis, my son, needless to say, has never been to the US and is very excited. In the car for over three hours of travel he has alternatly been singing "in the united states its going to be a party" and questioning with furrowed brow:  "daddy, can we sleep in the united states because I am a little bit sleepy, but I'll wait till we get there to rest."  he is three.



In marseille people have been on strike for almost two weeks against the reforms of retierement laws, and trash is overflowing in the streets. So much so that people have begun to burn it to keep the rats from invading the streets. Marseille is historically the birth place of the black plague.

Cars drive over mountains of blackened refuse and tight corridores between eye stinging slag line the ally ways.

Of course we get inextricablly lost for about two hours before finding parking and making our way to the consulate.




We explore the city all afternoon, playing in fountains and talking to people on street corners, mathis reminding me now and again that he would like to go to the states right now.



On our way out of the city we get stuck in hours of traffic and decide to stop and spend the night with friends in Avignon, to enjoy ourselves and sleep in a real bed before heading off to Lyon. We sing and mathis is amazingly cool considering the hours of stop and go bumper to bumper insanity, he tells me stories about whales that eat mean fish and askes me what kind of animal I would like to be. A dolphin of course.








We spend the following morning in the sunshine exploring avignon, playing ball on thousand year old stone pavings and navigating the labinthical fortified city. We end the morning by sneaking into a Mcdonalds playground with our organic picnic so mathis can play in a warm place and he has the time of his life... I guess there is a little bit of america everywhere now, but what the hell, I take of my shoes and jump in the ball room, the other parents secretly envious...

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