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the north


north idaho is a small fragment of my past, a few months spent living mostly alone in a 25 foot trailier an hours walk from the nearest lightbulb or water faucet while going to a poor and decadent high school where crank, huffing gas, sex, fights and driving fast where the only real pastimes.  I didn't really fit in very well, although I had friends and found the mountains beautiful. Today I come back over fifteen years later to find the mobil RV school for concealed weapons licenses still parked in the wal-mart parking lot, the bars still full of boys ready to fight and girls ready to tease.
My dad is living in autonomy on his 60 beautiful acres in the middle of the selkirk mountains in buildings he built from salvage materiel filling up books with his drawings and inventions and playing the guitar, and my sister is now a kick ass defense lawyer with four happy kids a white picket fence and a church community.  
Enough about my family, and tomorrow I will be on the road making a film and the content of this blog will certainly change but I have decided to document and share so here it is.
As for idaho, all I can say is holy shit, places like this are in another dimension and I don't really know how to resume them in a few lines, so I wont, you will have to read the book or buy me a beer if and when we meet again.
I could tell details of the adventures and tensions we have experienced here but would be afraid to put to sleep, scare or shock my readership but lets just say that if you have never been here, you probably wouldn't believe me.


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