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La Brebis Egarée


so, a term has been reached, and I find myself in the town of portland, full circle, three generations of my family side by side, father son father on a rainy porch in the city of my birth. So the mirror effect has worked its magic on me, in puddles, windows, mirrors and eyes, seeing lives and a potential life that lead me into a new land, from the old. Of course I don't expect you to have a clue what the fuck I am talking about, especially after a night with one of my cousins who produces medical marijuana of the highest quality, but non the less, now I am sitting in a warm and lovely flat, waiting for a warm and lovely friend, as mathis plays with a brio train and a fat cat on the hard wood floors and speaks to me in english, yes folks, in english. I will undoubtedly take more pictures, write more words, but in many ways, the journey is over. Still so far to go, but I kind of feel like I have come home, and that for a time, much of my energy will be spent to get back to this place. A place of creation and encounters, energy and excitement, danger and instability, certainly a health dose of insanity, incompetence and irresponsibility, but what a euphoria. I recommend it to anyone. so just a few photos here, taken betweem hot chocolate and sleding, for the sake of posterity.  



reflexions 2733


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