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on the road

first impressions


crossing eastern washington in a 1976 mercedes that I used to drive when I was 16. strolling through a junk yard at mosses lake while the car battery spit rotten egg smelling acid. eating tacos and drinking pale ale. crossing the colombia river in the sun while my son sings a song about flying fish in the back seat. feeling the warm wind peeling the humidity off the yellow november hills. Laying my son down in a clean bed at my sisters house and watching a scary movie on the couch in a house of beautiful wood floors. Wide streets filled with piles of automne leaves and huge boatlike sedans. Smiling old toothless men with skin like parchment as helpful and kind as a clear winter path in the mountains. whole foods stores with beautiful blond baristas smiling as I speak french with my kid. six lane highways where people drive very slow and police cars roam like marine predators. family. comfort, time, english, children.... gone to look for america





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