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 bad blogger, bad bad blogger. Ok so I am negligent and will never be good at this kind of stuff for the same reason that I will never be a very good director, there are so many moments when I prefer living to documentation, put the pen/camera down and dance motherfucker...
Anyway to resume where I left off, the day the frenchies came into town, and nothing was ever the same... I have to admit I had a brief moment of anxiety about my choice to leave mathis for two weeks with my sister and that relinquish the independent nature of my home coming to travel with three stinky boys in a 76 mercedes that had already broken down twice, yes one fried battery and one dead water pump, two very different odors and one similar outcome, immobility.
From seattle we drove through the night, I at the wheel for the final two hours, pondering on the familiar landscapes and the strange sense of abandon as I passed Olympia without stopping. It was raining, of course, and in portland we found ourselves with no other place to stay than in a ten square meter apartment with five to seven men smelling of mold and funk. The details I will spare you.
Needless to say and headless of the warnings, our trip has taken us through San francisco, big sur, the mohave barstow verdi valley the red rocks flagstaff, phoenix, tucson, the entire state of new mexico in the dead of night, el paso and finally austin, where after two nights of decadence the fellowship was broken up, the mercedes reached the end of the line, and I backtracked to Idaho to pick up mathis in the snow and spend some quality time in portland before flying to new york to join what's left of the crew. In short, I have been drunk on life and high on creative juices among other things for the last month and despite the fact that I have never ever partied this hard, I have never done such quality work and enjoyed the company of other so consistently as on this, the mother of all road trips, quest for the discovery of imagination in modern america. No more details; read the book for the crusty sexy side lines, see the movie for the depth and philosophy (or whatever that shit is) love to all,




dreams 2308


dreams 2333


dreams 2345


dreams 2348


dreams 2362


dreams 2365


dreams 2370




dreams 2379


dreams 2380


dreams 2394



 dreams 2410 


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dreams 2423


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dreams 2447


dreams 2448


dreams 2463



 dreams 2457-copie-1



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dreams 2487


dreams 2491




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dreams 2632


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